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Free Download / TRASH – Give Up


TRASH are a four piece from Chesterfield and this is their newest single Give Up. In my lifetime I’ve experienced numerous situations where I’ve had to give up – the most recent being many attempts of purchasing Pokemon HeartGold online. Anyway, TRASH’s debut EP ‘Urban Glow’ was a hidden gem in the world of music as I found myself enjoying it’s scuzzy displays of Grunge, so would like to experience the same with this new single too.

Starting with a downtrodden guitar and twinkling melodies TRASH appear to be heading towards the gutter before becoming awash with an immense wave of distorted guitar goodness crashing through with a flood of thick, Grunge-heavy noise. The band maintain this level of volume throughout, complimenting it nicely with subtle hints of twinkly melodies and vocals which drool and bubble their way on top, leaving the odd hook along the way.

It delivers on the band’s knack for creating instrumentals that are steeped in distortion but dusted with elements of pop to keep things sweet and accessible. Clue Records are being (as always) wonderful people and offering the track as a free download if you sign up to their mailing list, so I’d definitely take them up on that offer. Give Up is a great song from TRASH.


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