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Album Review | Fox Medicine -Noise Nurse Demos


You know, I’m beginning to think I should relocate to Canada. I receive so many submissions from the nicest place in the world that it makes me debate whether or not to change the blog’s theme to Red and White and start slapping big ol’ leaves everywhere I go. All jokes aside, Canada has often been a staple for some of the best music featured on Sounds Good over the past year, and I am tremendously grateful for it.

Fox Medicine are another band to add to the list of good Canadian bands as the duo come in strong with their collection of demos titled Noise Nurse. This is a set of b-sides and deep cuts that were produced during the sessions for the duo’s ‘Based On Need’ EP that came out last year, and it is badass. If you like your music to come with a couple haymakers to the face, this is the record for you.

One thing to expect is simply badass riffage, and riffage is something that’s present all over this album. ‘Touch Gold’ tears the opening apart with a horrendously scuzzy riff that drills into the brain and follows up with distorted melodies and thunderous drums, leaving the listener breathless and wanting more. Fortunately tracks like ‘Uncle Frost’, ‘Toxic Death Boy’ and ‘My Mink is Sick’ fulfil this many, many times. Oh hot damn does it satisfy.

Noise Nurse is a superb collection of brutal tracks determined to deliver some of the hardest riffs and crashes around. Fox Medicine have certainly left a hole in my head and a lasting impression on me, and I cannot wait to hear more from them.

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