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Release of the Week | Tuxedo – Fux with the Tux EP


Ohhhhhh my! Tuxedo set the world alight with their funky, baby-making and bedroom grooving music back in 2015 but has returned with a surprising drop of a new EP titled Fux with the Tux. I saw Mayer Hawthorne last year and it was the greatest gig that left me a little hot and bothered and I have been saving a Tuxedo boner ever since, and now it’s time to let that boner loose.

Complete with three tracks determined to add a little wiggle to your hips, Fux with the Tux is an EP that reintroduces the world to the sound of Tuxedo. The title track kicks things off with a swooping array of synthesisers and patented Mayer Hawthorne croons, persuading people to “fux with the tux” before what I believe/hope is Snoop Dogg comes along to drop a little verse or two.

‘Special’ follows suit with a typical Mayer Hawthorne vibe as the track immediately sets out to make the ladies feel good, and they deserve to, ladies are nice. My bae is nice. Smooth basslines combine with old school synth sounds to increase the temperature and get the feel good vibes erupting.

The EP closes out with ‘July’ – the highlight of the EP. Jazzy piano chords combine with Hawthorne at his crooniest, while horns add a touch of class to the mix. It’s a sensational tune, and one that should signal the moment that all the clothes are off, and a night hotter than July gets underway. Ooof, I need a cold shower right now.

Fux with the Tux is a superb EP from Tuxedo. It’s one that’s short but offers up a good time regardless. It’s a perfect way to get 2017 off to a good start, and one that makes me wish aguishly for a new Tuxedo record too.


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