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Song of the Week | Violet Contours – Electric Bodies


Small music blogs are a great part of the music industry. As detailed in a wonderful article by ReverbNation recently, us enthusiastic music fans are responsible for helping out artists to help them create a bit of noise for themselves, hopefully lending some additional buzz along the way. One particular thing we’re great at doing is featuring bands who you may never have heard of before, and thanks to Mytacism Music, we heard about Violet Contours.

A brand new, fresh out of the minds of youthful enthusiasm band from York here in the UK have begun to settle in to their new surroundings and have created a bit of excitement around their debut single ‘Electric Bodies’. With influences and similarities to fellow Indie Rock acts like Two Door Cinema Club, Foals and Little Comets, it’s clear that these guys know how to write a solid catchy tune, which is exactly what ‘Electric Bodies’ is.

Fresh, sunny guitar melodies introduce a track that opens up to an array of solid riffs and heartbroken lyricism that are easily repeatable. Violet Contours have produced everything you could want from a great Indie Rock song, and stray outside of the norm by packing it with layers of instrumentation, all performed inside an atmosphere filled with good vibes.

It’s a great song, and one that definitely should keep Violet Contours on the radar as ones to watch. ‘Electric Bodies’ is a superb way to introduce yourself to the world, and Violet Contours certainly have the potential to do great things this year.

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