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Track Review | Have No Clue – Nosedive


We’ve all experienced a morning of suffering serve sleepiness. It’s the worst thing attempting to function amongst the heaviest of eyes and the longest of sighs, so how about this for a little energetic pick me up? Have No Clue are a band from Hungary and this is their new single “Nosedive”. I don’t believe I’ve ever featured Hungarian music before, so this is quite a historic moment.

Featuring frantic double bass drums frantically being frantic throughout, “Nosedive” is a track that’s determined to punch the sleep out of your eyes. Have No Clue throw all sorts of heavy guitar riffs into the instrumentation to keep things terrifying and the vocals are delivered with a level of passion that even makes me need to have a cigarette afterwards.

It’s a great tune that blurs the line between Pop-Punk and straight up scary, and one that will surely get the blood pumping for the day ahead. Nice work guys.

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