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Exnations – ‘Never About The Money’ | Release of the Week

Exnations are an indie-pop trio and this is their indie-pop tune, ‘Never About The Money’. You know, I always live by that rule – everything you want to do, never do it for the money, until I realise I work a full time job in Finance and immediately have an existential crisis. When I do not need a paper bag to control my breathing however, I’m busy digging this track.

From the get-go this track is on the hunt for the hips. An intro full of snappy drums and wistful synths produce a sound that immediately seeps into the waistline, creating room for little ribbons of beat to get you dancing. Exnations throw all sorts of hooks and harmonies to really push the catchy quota to it’s limit, even throwing handclaps into the mix to tip it over the edge and leave you in a state of euphoric glory.

‘Never About The Money’ is a wonderful song that brightens up your day. It’s a track you could listen to over and over again and still wish to hear more of it. So good.

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