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St. Buryan – ‘Forget to Love’ | Song of the Week

St. Buryan is a five-piece from the North East. Having formed back in 2013, they have only just begun to embark on their musical journey, releasing a couple of singles that seem determined to add a little dose of sunshine into our lives. ‘Forget to Love’ is the latest to be released, and it’s just as bright and sunny as the rest.

With warm melodies, sketchy guitars and harmonies that could melt away the frost ‘Forget to Love’ is a feel good tune that aims straight for the feels. St. Buryan do a great job at throwing all sorts of accessible elements together to produce a song that immediately brightens your day, and offers up a tune that envelops your mind throughout it. It’s wonderful, and a really great way to wrap yourself up in a warm blanket and forget certain things, such as these winter months and the way I tried to get away with saying “feels” earlier in this post.

‘Forget to Love’ is a great way to close out what’s been a great debut year for St. Buryan. This emerging act has produced three very solid singles and look set to expand upon it next year. Exciting times, time to call yourself a fan before everyone else.

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