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Meresha | An Interview With

Very excited about this! Meresha is an artist who despite her young age has been tweaking and evolving her sound for years. Having released her new EP Enter the Dreamland earlier this year, I thought it’d be cool to reach out and ask if she’d be interested in having a little chinwag. Fortunately she did, and below is the interview! I hope you enjoy.

Hey Meresha, how’s it going? Doing great thanks. Getting my EP “Enter the Dreamland” out while working on some new music. I’m also looking forward to the holidays. Hope to go to Asia for the first time during them.

What’s the story behind how Meresha came to be? Who influenced you enough to wanna make music of your own? I went to some great concerts by Paramore and the Black Eyed Peas about 8 or 9 years ago. Pretty much then decided that is what I wanted to do. Soon after, I wrote and recorded my first song. It’s still out there – “Fool Don’t Be”.

You’ve very recently released a new EP in the form of Enter The Dreamland, and even more recently the new single ‘Lights Out’. Are you happy with how it turned out? How have you found the reaction for it? People seem to really vibe with the music. I’m trying to take my music to higher and higher levels, and think this EP is a great step in that. This time, Joe Chiccarelli, who has won several Grammies help shape my first cuts. Emily Lazar, the first woman nominated for a mastering Grammy, mastered. An all-star team. My biggest challenge is getting people to hear it.

You’re three EPs deep into your music discography. Do you feel pretty established in terms of sound or are you always looking to expand and make changes? I’m always developing and learning. Usually I play all the instruments/sounds on my music, at least in the first versions. Now, I am more and more doing all the production myself. I’m always getting new inspiration, so I do think my music may develop in ways fans (and I) don’t expect.

You’ve been making music for a couple years now, and seem to have received high praise pretty much immediately. Do you ever take that into consideration when recording new material or is it something that doesn’t play in part in your creative process?  It’s always very kind when people give positive feedback. During the creation process you don’t know how people will perceive the music. It’s not my main consideration though. I first have to make something that I can be proud of. Hopefully people will also like it.

There seems to be a great connection between yourself and your fans. With the Kickstarter campaign for previous EPs, the Meresha Fans Twitter account and all the time you seem to have responding to Tweets online. Have you found that your audience has grown and progressed over the years alongside your progression as an artist? My audience has grown and is international, even if it is still early days. There is a lot of interaction which you can’t see, in direct messages, emails, etc. I’m in touch with people from basically every continent – from Mexico City to Rio to Tokyo to Moscow to Nairobi.

I first heard of you through your pinned Tweet which is a video of you performing live with the brightest Yellow shoes the world has ever seen. Are shoes an important part of your life? What’s the best pair of shoes you’ve ever had? Yeah, I like cool shoes. Recently though someone took most of mine out of my place by mistake and took them cross-country. Luckily I’ve since gotten them back. The shoes in the video are certainly good ones.

Have you had the opportunity to tour or hang out in the UK? Are there any plans to perform over here for a couple dates?  I have been to the UK several times and love it there. Can’t wait to get back. Would love to play some shows. I haven’t performed my music yet in the UK, but I did film a TV episode for MTV in London.

What’s next for Meresha? Touring, more new music etc? Right now I am working on a new song or two. Keep posted. In the meantime, still supporting all those that are supporting my “Enter the Dreamland” EP.

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final thought. What would it be? Take it away! Stay true to yourself. If you are lucky enough to figure out what you love, work like hell at being great at it. Most (all?) people will reject you at first, but as you get better at what you do, they will come to respect your talent.

Meresha Website / Facebook / Twitter




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