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Liner Notes | December 17 | The Most Wonderful of the Year

Hello everybody! Welcome to the last Liner Notes of the year! It’s absolutely crazy to think that 2017 is essentially over with and we’re already prepping to say hello to 2018. It’s been a year dedicated to personal growth and trying to improve various parts of life and I think it’s been somewhat successful. I certainly feel a lot more assured in who I am and what my strengths (writing inane sentences) and flaws (laziness, pizza, dead inside) are and yeah, it’s been fun. Blog-wise this has been the best year in terms of blurring the lines between hobby and career, and building connections with artists, bloggers and labels so I’m so stoked AF to build upon a great first year for Sounds Good.

The blog is back with new content for the first time in a long time due to an ongoing exam saga which continues to burrow itself into my skull. Hopefully very soon it’ll be over and things can go back to normalcy again, but I must say thanks to all of you. I wasn’t expecting it to drag on as long as it has so I appreciate all of you for not fleeing the blog and casting me aside. Interviews are also back which is great because I proper enjoy keeping in touch with artists and adding a little depth to our relationships so they’re not just “hello I really like yr song I wrote about it okay bye”. Next year I’d love to branch the interviews out a bit so that they’re either done in person or over skype or whatever, which gives me the sweats IMMEDIATELY but fills me with mild excitement too.

Other than that I think that’s it. Towards the end of the year I’ll be writing up some special, blogger-based posts just saying thank you to particular artists, websites/blogs, and record labels that have helped make the last year oh so good. I figured it’d be better that way, rather than write up some best of lists where I’ll predictably put QOTSA at the top of each one! Goodbye forever, until 2018! – Adam xoxoxo.




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