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Caper Parade – Never Too Much Love | Release of the Week

You know, sometimes it takes small adjustments to make big changes to your life. Whether that’s getting up a little bit earlier to allow yourself more time in the mornings, or laying out your clothes the night before, or choosing to wear adult nappies. There are numerous decisions we can make that can change our lives in a big way. One of my personal favourites (aside from the nappies) is to listen to funk music on the regular, and fortunately London trio Caper Parade have delivered with their new EP Never Too Much Love. It’s funky, it’s upbeat, it’s life-changing.

These guys have been around since 2014 and for three years they’ve been determined to bring some modern funk to the masses. Their blend of 60’s Pop, 70’s Funk and 80’s Disco ultimately results in sunshine for your ears, and Never Too Much Love looks to ram that sunny bastard right down them. ‘Valley of the Sun’ encapsulates all of the above, as it’s walking bassline pairs up with sketchy guitars and rolling drum beats to make it effortless for anybody to get down with the groove. The trio’s vocals collide together with various falsetto notes that could make the Bee Gees smile, and it results in possibly the happiest I’ve been listening to an EP.

‘Unless You Want Me To (Tutti Frutti)’ struts it’s way down the streets of downtown, projecting vibes of Rick James and Little Richard. It’s chorus bursts with bubbling basslines and room-filling synths that make me wanna jam out in my room, it’s so good. ‘Creatures of the Night’ follows suit with a more stalking intro that quickly transcends into something wonderfully cheesy, before single ‘Take It Easy (I’m Only Dancing)’ sounds like a happy mix of Kool and the Gang and LCD Soundsystem.

Never Too Much Love is easily the most entertaining EP I’ve listened to in a long, long time. It’s an EP that offers up it’s goods from the get go and doesn’t lose steam in making sure you have a good time. Music should be fun to listen to sometimes, and this is like living in a ballpit. So good.

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