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Jeff Rosenstock – POST- | Release of the Week

The start of a new year always seems to be a struggle for music fans. Releases are sparse and we’re all left to fight over the odd single that might get released. It’s hell on Earth. One thing that almost never happens is having a new album to check out, but Jeff Rosenstock appears to wanna buck that trend. His new album is called POST- and all I can say is Jeff, thank you so much dude.

Jeff Rosenstock has been killing it over the last couple years. Since the release of his breakthrough effort We Cool? he’s sort of become a bit of a hero to the underground, having provided our eardrums with a solid follow up in WORRY and also allowing it to be purchased at whatever price we fancy. What a cool dude. New album POST- sees Jeff maintain the Pop Punk sensibilities he’s become well known for, but throws some extra ambition into the mix.

That ambition comes in the form of ‘USA’ and ‘Let Them Win’, which sees Jeff attempts songs that extend far beyond the four minute mark. The former kicks off the album with a series of frantic guitar riffs, passionate vocals and a frankly dazzling set of percussion to make seven minutes seemingly fly by. It appeared to be a sonic illustration of the frantic behaviour of the USA in recent years, which could also be summed up by the title of another POST- cut: ‘Beating My Head Against A Wall’.

Whilst these two tracks succeed at being just as energetic as it’s shorter companions, it’s the shorter cuts that do shine brightest on the record. The likes of ‘Yr Throat’ and ‘All This Useless Energy’ show off Jeff’s talent in creating an immediately catchy track, as ‘Yr Throat’ features easily the catchiest chorus on the record whereas the latter seeps into the mind with it’s simple melodies. These basic elements are perfected to keep the momentum high and always at a point it could fall apart, which makes for some breathless listening. Breathless, yet entertaining. Highly entertaining.

POST- is another wonderful record from Jeff Rosenstock. As expected, Jeff manages to make Pop Punk exciting with an array of twists and turns that seem to revel in it’s themes of anxiety and insecurity. This modern take on an outdated genre paired up with these lyrical themes brings you back to your youth, and also helps makes Jeff seem even more likeable. It’s a highly entertaining record from start to finish, and a great way to kick off the new year. Cheers Jeff.

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