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Patawawa – ‘Patagonia’ | Song of the Week

Oh good lord, oh hot damn, oh blimey, this is good listening right here. ‘Patagonia’ is the latest single from British trio Patawawa and, as already mentioned by the barely comprehendible sounds, it is a doozy. These guys from Matlock have released a slew of solid singles so far and look set to drop their debut EP on the 26th but their newest effort seems to be their best yet. It’s pretty much a good time to recommend them to all your friends. You would look so cool.

From the second you hit play you’re gifted with an instrumental that wishes to strike you at the hips. A bold synth and drum combination transports you onto the dancefloor before guitars take you away to noodle some hot licks right into your mouth. It’s sketchy and jazzy up to the nines, and the result is a listen that is tremendously funky. The female fronted chorus injects a rush of sass into the mix and only adds to the grooves, and goodness me I cannot handle it.

Patawawa have got themselves a hit in ‘Patagonia’. It’s a track that warrants repeated listens forever, and I can only hope that the upcoming EP will offer more of this sound. Excellent stuff.

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