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Mildlife – ‘The Magnificent Moon’ | Single Review

Not everybody chooses to kick off their career by releasing a nine minute song as their debut single, but then Mildlife are something different. These guys are a four-piece from Australia who look to push the musical boundaries while also creating music that could appeal to anybody with hips. Their debut single ‘The Magnificent Moon’ is well…magnificent, and could certainly be a great accompaniment to an evening of staring at the moon.

Without breaking down nine minutes’ worth of music, Mildlife seem to know what they’re doing. A sign of a long song done right is when it doesn’t feel long, and ‘The Magnificent Moon’ is one that seemingly makes time fly by. It’s a track that’s built up on Sci-Fi-esque synths, solid, sturdy drums, warm basslines and guitars that seem to float up into the sky. It’s almost liquid quality flows in and out of the airwaves and allows itself to head into different avenues of sound throughout it’s duration, meaning that one song can actually be broken down into four different sections. It’s thoroughly entertaining, and awe-inspiring in the way Mildlife are able to manipulate things without ruining it’s natural momentum.

I’m very excited to hear more from Mildlife as it seems we could be treated to some very good music through them. Nice work.

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