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Good Sounds Playlist | 29.01.2018

Good evening! Welcome to another week of Good Sounds, courtesy of the Good Sounds Playlist here on Sounds Good. Apologies for the delay in getting this out – I’ve had a tremendous saga with my computer which meant that nothing was able to be sorted while it was being looked at. This means that there’ll be no content this week BUT past me saved a draft of the new playlist before things went tits up. Thank goodness.

I wanted to note that there were a couple grumbles made with regards to the playlist and the amount of time songs are featured on there. I do apologise to any artists or PR people who felt a little bummed out by songs appearing for a week but, as advertised, this is a playlist that’s always updating. To sort this out, I’ll add links to the songs from certain artists just so things can remain happy here on the blog. Happy listening! Until next time.

Good Sounds Playlist 29.01.2018:

Anderson Paak – ‘Am I Wrong’
BJ The Chicago Kid – ‘Turnin’ Me Up’
Dru – ‘Like I Do
Pretty Sister – ‘Thirsty’
Gorillaz – ‘DARE’
Shopping – ‘The Hype
Firestations – ‘Build A Building
V A L E – ‘Fire
My Son The Hurricane – ‘Smoke & Mirrors
Jeremy Benjamin – ‘Cold Hard Cash

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