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Marmozets – Knowing What You Know Now | Release of the Week

Marmozets return with second album Knowing What You Know Now. Four years after the release of The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets it seems this young band are looking to rebuild and extend a lot of the buzz their debut garnered, and with an array of mind-bending, genre-mixing tunes scattered throughout this new record, consider me buzzed.

With their debut focusing on delivering short, snappy bursts of angry math-rock it seems this time around Marmozets are looking to develop those traits into producing longer material, which is certainly the case here with Knowing What You Know Now. There’s not a single song that comes and goes in two minutes, and because of that a more concise listening experience is made. Opening track ‘Play’, and the following tracks ‘Habits’ and ‘Meant To Be’ allow the first ten minutes of the record to pass in a flash, as the band throw all sorts of heavy guitar riffs into the airwaves. This frantic tempo is beefed up by thunderous drums, passionate vocals and hooks that stick into the brain.

This emphasis on Poppier elements means singles like ‘Major System Error’ can be catchy while also parading around in their comfort zone, as Marmozets turns this typically Math-Rock tune into one that could easily be heard on the radio. ‘Lost In Translation’ hits the peak of this formula as the halfway point of the record is a dazzling blend of passionate vocals, heavy guitars and beyond terrifying drums that simply hits chocolate thunder, before spilling over into it’s chorus which satisfies all of the handclaps, catchy riffs and vocal harmonies desires you could wish for. It’s a superb song.

While Knowing What You Know Now excels plenty with it’s output on fast-paced, punch to the gut-tracks it also succeeds at the slower moments too. ‘Insomnia’ is four and a half minutes of a psychedelic journey into the unknown, where colours become vivid and you wonder why you’ve watched Shaun the Sheep for two hours in a cold sweat, whereas ‘Me & You’ takes things into ballad land, giving you the reason why you would watch Shaun the Sheep for two hours.

Knowing What You Know Now, Marmozets have produced a record that you should definitely check out. It’s got everything you could need: intense, gritty tunes and a side of sweet, melodic to cleanse the palate with too. Knowing What You Know Now is a superb record from Marmozets, and an early favourite record of the year for me.

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