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Patawawa – Bedroom EP | Release of the Week

This has been one of the most anticipated releases of 2018 so far for me – Patawawa’s new EP Bedroom. It was only a month ago that ‘Patagonia’ strutted into the ears and left me wanting more, and after dealing with a week’s worth of computer issues I can finally check out the EP and tell you that hot damn, it’s good.

The solid instrumental of ‘Patagonia’ kicks off Bedroom with a huge hit of feel good vibes, and when it’s even got my other half saying she likes it “when the girl’s voice kicks in” you know it’s a good song. It’s easily one of the best songs of the year and fortunately, the rest of the EP is pretty good too. ‘Song For Sam’ follows with a more atmosphere sound, with ‘Dare To Disco’ vocal reverb and synths that seem to extend out into the open sky. It’s smooth basslines and snappy drums takes things into a more sensual direction, producing one heck of a reason to go have a cold shower.

‘Lonely’ chimes in with an array of bells and beats alongside a simple chorus hook and an uplifting instrumental that seems to take things into proper sunshine territory, while ‘Humpback’ looks to throw all of that into the nearest space and get everybody dancing long into the night. The little sax solo towards the end tips it over the edge and my goodness, it sounds so good. ‘What You Want’ celebrates the night with an almost ballad-esque sound complete with anthemic guitar licks and a feel good vibe that seems to follow the arrival of the sun the next morning.

Bedroom is a fantastic EP from Patawawa. All five tracks showcase that these guys know exactly what they’re doing and it makes for some of the best listening I’ve had this year. Definitely a contender for the best EP of 2018 for sure. I’m excited to see what the future holds for Patawawa.


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  1. Love this track! It reminds me of some of the funkier, R&B infused dance songs from the late 70s disco era. And I just love your poetic writing and the way you wove the narrative around sunshine, which is what your reviews bring to me!

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