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Twin Ritual – Hand Through the Mist | Release of the Week

Twin Ritual are a four-piece and this is their debut EP Hand Through The Mist. I stumbled upon these guys via their new single ‘Is It Paranoia’ and well, colour me paranoid. Much like Shopping’s The Official Body, my ears were treated to a dazzling round of groovy groove groove grooves. It’s punchy bassline battles ruthlessly against sumptuous guitars and the result is an instrumental that knows how to get down, as the fierce female vocals direct proceedings to huge success. It’s excellent and so good I decided to review the whole EP instead.

Debut single ‘Angry’ follows with a little more upbeat vibe with polka guitar riffs and synths that seem to add a little mysterious 80s smoke to the airwaves. The vocals of Laura Levenhagen once again do a wonderful job of leading the track, providing all sorts of croons and hooks to help keep things stuck in your mind. This leads nicely into the title track, which seems to fully embrace the smoke and cut some shapes in the mist of it (pun), before closing track ‘You Talk’ ends things on a serious high. I think I may have found my new favourite band.

Hand Through the Mist is a superb record. The EP is packed with four songs steeped in originality, with a strong showing of Twin Ritual’s interesting blend of post-punk and old school 80’s goodness. It’s awesome.


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