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Tuxedo – ‘Shy’ | Release of the Week

Tuxedo return with a new single called ‘Shy’, and armed with a feature from the legendary Zapp, it looks to be a song determined to make you groove. I’m a huge fan of Tuxedo and even managed to see Mayer Hawthorne live, so this is a particularly fangirl-y moment for me.

‘Shy’ is a track full of the traditional elements of a good Tuxedo song. You’ve got the bold bass and silky synths of Jake One, the subtle sketches of guitars, the simple but rigid drums, and, of course, the smooth croons of Mayer Hawthorne. All of these traits come together to form an instrumental that’s effortlessly charming, and definitely one of my favourite singles of the year already.

I’m hoping ‘Shy’ is the catalyst for more releases from Tuxedo, hopefully leading towards an EP or album release. It seems they might be heading into more of a neo-funk and soul direction which could make for some seriously groovy tunes – which makes me need a lie down just thinking about it. Hot damn.


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