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10 Albums of 2018 You Might Have Missed | Check Them Out

We’re three months in to 2018 and it’s already proving to be one of the best years for music. The amount of records dropped so far have already become some of the strongest from their respective genres and we still have three quarters of the year left to go. Heck, even Anthony Fantano himself has thrown a lot of 8/10’s and 9/10’s out already. Mental!

Things have become a little too busy content-wise on Sounds Good so unfortunately we cannot big up albums for the moment, but here’s a list of ten recently released albums of 2018 we feel deserve your attention. We also feel that you deserve to hear them, as they’re superb and your ears will thank you. Seriously. What’s currently your top album of 2018? What album are you looking forward to hearing this year? Let us know below.


A.A.L (Against All Logic) – 2012-2017 | Nicholas Jaar has always been a favourite of ours, and this collection of tracks from his AAL project is easily a contender for album of the year. This record blends all kinds of House and Electronic music together to form a cohesive unit of tunes that do not disappoint. It’s a guaranteed good time regardless of how many times you listen to it.

U.S. Girls – In a Poem Unlimited | Ten years since their debut comes arguably U.S. Girls best record yet. In a Poem Unlimited is a satisfying concoction of genres that’s equal parts intriguing and entertaining, and leaves you feeling very fulfilled in the groove department. So good.

MGMT – Little Dark Age | I feel we all felt the same about MGMT in recent years. So much potential shown on their debut but along came disappointment after disappointment, until now. Little Dark Age is an excellent return to form that shows that MGMT did not simply get lucky with their first record, and show that they know how to make a hit or two.


Damn the Witch Siren – Red Magic | Gosh, this record. Columbus’ own Damn the Witch Siren deliver a record that is steeped in confidence, defiance and empowerment in a set of songs that are seriously raunchy and full of groove. The thick synth sounds throughout project instrumentals that are passionate beyond belief, and the hooks are definitely hard to ignore. It’s insatiable from start to finish, and you’re definitely gonna need a cigarette after it.

Andrew W.K. – You’re Not Alone | The party man himself also returned to our lives with a record that actually packed a big surprise also. Now that he’s matured, experienced life a little more and also got proper jacked, Andrew W.K. has delivered a record that’s full of positive vibes. This behemoth of a record showcases Andrew’s skill at performing some orchestrated rock and also transforms the party into a metaphor of living a good life and feeling good about yourself. Certainly not what was expected from this record but one that was very pleasing indeed.

Soccer Mommy – Clean | One of the best debut records this year for sure. This record takes the traditional singer-songwriter formula and builds upon it’s solid foundation to deliver something that’s full of depth, full of life and full of reasons to keep coming back. The vocals are raw, the melodies are excellent, and it’s simply incredible.

Jean Tonique – Well Mannered Frivolity | Grooves upon grooves upon grooves! Jean Tonique has been steadily building himself up over the years, and has let loose with a new record that’s determined to make your Friday night into one you’ll never remember. It’s an album destined to give you a good time, and is so feel-good it hurts.

Danielle Duval – Lose It | SEVEN YEARS after her debut, Danielle Duval drops a new album that not only reintroduces her back into the world but also reveals that shit, she’s good. Lose It is a fast-paced flurry of guitars and synths, packing a certain punch or two throughout. It’s a very solid, entertaining listen and definitely one that came as a bit of surprise.

Mount Eerie – Now Only | A year after the release of the soul-destroying A Crow Looked at Me comes Now Only, a follow up to one of the darkest records in history that shows the progression and strength of Phil Elverum. The time that’s passed is certainly reflected in the record, as it’s material is stronger and bolder compared to the album’s predecessor, and Phil’s able to look and talk about his wife’s passing with reflection rather than reaction.

It’s a fascinating listen that shows the insight into Phil’s life and not only tears away at your heartstrings, but also reveals that there’s some form of light at the end of it. It’s a beautiful record.




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