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Banzai Cliff – ‘Danielle’ | Single Review

Banzai Cliff is the project of Nicky Koch and this is his new single ‘Danielle’ from his debut album Hypothetical Love, which has only just been released this month. The tune is all about the awkwardness of a first love, which I’m sure we’ve all experienced before. My first love turned me into a babbling mess of awkward behaviour, how I managed to turn it into my first relationship I will never know.

‘Danielle’ is a wonderful lo-fi tune full of Pop goodness and very down to earth lyrics that could turn it into a song about everybody’s first love. ‘I lost my virginity / Listening to a Modest Mouse CD’ is possibly the best way to kick off a song, but perhaps not the best way to lose your virginity. I lost mine behind the sofa, for instance. Alongside numerous socks. The basslines permeate through the warm synth sounds to add some nice textures and grooves to the instrumental, while Nicky’s desire to croon seeps through, adding a nostalgic touch of 50s goodness to the mix too.

The result is a song that’s very entertaining and one I’ll definitely return to in the near future. Now, maybe it’s time to take another look behind that sofa again.

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