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Twin Ritual | An Interview With

Twin Ritual are responsible for dropping one of my favourite singles of the year ‘Is It Paranoia?’ earlier this year, and have also dropped a superb EP in the form of Hand Through the Mist. Just to throw the cherry on top of all this loveliness, Laura from the band had a little chinwag with us too! Thank you Laura, thank you Twin Ritual, and thank YOU for reading. Enjoy.

Hey Twin Ritual, how’s it going? Hello!

First of all, how did you guys get together and start making music? Anthony first contacted us all at the beginning of 2017, to see if we’d be interested in starting a new project. We all knew each other from around the San Diego music scene, and respected each other’s abilities from having played shows together in our previous bands (Astral Touch, Glass Spells, Le Chateau, Sound Lupus), so we each agreed to meet. We had two songs going by thenend of the first practice, and each song afterward came just as quickly. Now here we are!

You’ve very recently released your debut EP Hand Through The Mist which is truly top notch. What can you tell us about the record? Hand Through the Mist is a compilation of some of the first songs we wrote together. We’ve attempted to create a slightly melancholy, slightly funky, emotive yet dancy album. We booked Dave Trumfio out of LA to record and produce the EP, to help us really hone in on the vibe we were looking for. The four we chose show a range in tempos and themes, and we’ve got more where those came from!

Was it a relief to get the first release out of the way? It was indeed a relief! Being a new band, we really had no idea where on the spectrum of awesome to terrible our music would fall for people. We all were already aware from past experience that sometimes you release something you really love, and no one connects with it. It seems you never really know which songs people are going to latch onto. I for one (Laura), felt even more nervous because I had accessed a different, more straightforward and unashamed side of my personality for this project – it was kind of a vulnerable moment for me when it was released. I’m glad we did it though – ripped off the bandaid. We’ll only get better and more confident from here, so I am happy we got the first release out of the way. And nothing exploded!


With titles such as ‘Hand Through the Mist’ and ‘Is It Paranoia’, I get the impression that the EP is based around some feelings of stepping into the unknown and into previously unexplored emotions or situations. Is that an accurate representation of the EP or have I missed the point? I think you’ve made a very solid analysis. Every day I get out of bed, take a good stretch, and check my mental status. At this point, I still come to the conclusion that I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I’m never sure about my job, I’m never sure about relationships, I’m not even sure that I see myself accurately.

Even when I’m completely confident about a decision – Even then, I am extremely aware that wrong decisions are made just as often with complete confidence as right decisions are. So each day, I get older and more aware that there is no official morning you will wake up and have all the answers. This is existence. There is no way to know the future. And more importantly, every single person I know is in the same boat. I guess it can’t be too surprising that many of the lyrics I’ve written include references to searching and stepping into the unknown. Welcome to life, every day is an adventure! Perceptions change, and you do too!

BUT, ‘what’s the point in lying around, dead already?’ Life isn’t everything I want it to be – my loved ones aren’t immortal, my country voted in satan’s more idiotic brother as president, my career choices make the likelihood of living in a roachless apartment slim – but life is still beautiful, and we can still do good!

How have you found the reaction to the EP so far? Does that side of the industry matter to you? So, as I said before, we didn’t really know what to expect when we released the EP. In the end, we were pleasantly surprised by the bulk of the reaction. Writing and performing appeals to me as a career because to me, it’s about drawing similarities between your own inner world and everyone else’s. I want to connect to people, and the more people, the better. Less critics also means more commercial success, which means more money. But more importantly, it would mean reaching more ears and connecting with more people. Also, we like experimenting and learning – music doesn’t have to be done a particular way. I relish the challenge of writing a song more people will love!

What’s next for Twin Ritual in 2018? More music, live shows etc We already have the next couple singles picked out – the first one will probably be released around the end of summer, followed by another EP – possibly a longer one – late 2018. We have been playing a lot of shows in San Diego recently, and a few in LA and Mexico, so we are probably going to continue trying to sneak in as many mini-tours we can over the next few months to Arizona and Nevada and other surrounding states. We’re looking forward to releasing more music and scheduling a full tour up the west coast or over to the midwest, to support the next EP in the winter or spring next year.

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final thought, what would it be? Our preferred road trip snack is flamin hot funyuns. ❤ Thanks for your time!!




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