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Foxgluvv | An Interview With

Welcome to another interview! This time we’ve had an interview with Foxgluvv! We reviewed and properly enjoyed her latest single ‘Not Cute’ back in February and are very honoured to feature Imogen once again! Check out details of ‘Not Cute’ as well as plans for the rest of the year. Exciting? YOU BETCHA! Enjoy.

Hey Foxgluvv, how’s it going? Hey! It’s going great thanks

First of all, could you provide some context as to how you became involved with music? I first started writing songs and getting interested in music when I was quite young – I think I was probably about 10 years old when I wrote my first “song”. I can’t say it was very good but music and songwriting have always been something that has sparked my interest and I’m so glad I decided to continue writing and re-visit this path. 

You’ve recently released a new single in ‘Not Cute’. What can you tell us about it? I wrote ‘Not Cute’ with my producer Scott Colcombe and we set out to specifically take influences from 80’s synths and blend it together with elements of modern day pop music for this third single.  Taking inspiration from Madonna and Charli XCX, we ended up with ’Not Cute’, an 80’s inspired pop song exploring the theme of unrequited love and heartbreak.

The lyrics involved seem to take quite a self-deprecating approach, offering quite a bold chorus. Was this the idea for the song or something that seemed to form naturally during the writing process? ‘Not Cute’ originally stemmed from a title idea that I’d had lying around on my phone and I just started to write from that until it became apparent where to go next with the lyric. I love using conversational language and imagining how things would play out in real life, and I think that’s how the self-deprecating imagery stood out and became the lyrical focus of the song. 

‘Not Cute’ becomes your third single. Are we silly to assume this is leading up to the release of…something? If so, hand over all the details (please). Maybe haha, maybe… I’ve got a few ideas planned but nothing completely set in stone yet!

What else shall we expect from you this year? New music, live shows? Definitely more new music, maybe some live shows. I’m excited to see what happens next though, and I really miss performing so fingers crossed that happens soon!

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final thought, what would it be? If you’ve read through this interview, maybe just go check out my new single ‘Not Cute’ and let me know what you think of it! 




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