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Yip Yops – ‘She’ | Song of the Week

Sometimes bands hit the sweet spot with everything. Their band name, their image, their sound, everything can just be seen as being so well put together. Yip Yops is one of those bands, as not only is their name so much fun to say out loud (go on, say it right now) but their new single ‘She’ is also dead good too.

With an almost retro, title screen of Mortal Kombat intro, ‘She’ bursts into life with a series of scrappy guitars that detail a lot of solid riffs that get stuck into your mind almost immediately. The frantic snap of the drums alongside the wandering basslines add some serious groove into the mix, and it all makes for a listening experience that leaves you feeling very satisfied indeed.

‘She’ is a superb song from Yip Yops and it makes me super excited to check out their debut EP Eyes, which I’m hoping will be out soon.

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