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Parquet Courts – Wide Awake! | Release of the Week

Parquet Courts have always been a band I’ve felt offered something special but just lacked that little dust of sunshine to make it click. Having been around since 2013 and building a solid discography since, it seems they have finally found that sunshine. Wide Awake! Is their new studio album, and well, I’d suggest not staring directly at it.

Combining elements of Post Punk, Rock and Funk together, Wide Awake! Is a record that dabbles in attracting you to the dancefloor, before laying down a couple lines on social commentary that will make you think. They turn a couple wounds into wisdom, and suddenly the dancefloor becomes a breeding place of rubbing bodies and existential crisis. And you know what? That sounds great.

‘Total Football’ kicks off the record with an instrumental that meanders through the likes of Math Rock and Dance Punk that could contend with the likes of Gang Of Four’s Entertainment! And Wire’s Pink Flag for sure. It’s groovy opening wiggles out the way for some frantic direction and some seriously throat-burning vocals and even more satisfying “Fuck Tom Brady!” at the end.

Anything that attempts to overthrow the establishment immediately appeals to me, and the likes of ‘Before The Water Gets Too High’, ‘Almost Had to Start a Fight/In and Out of Patience’ and ‘Normalization’ certainly has the tools to make me a fangirl. Not only do they have a line or two that will make you sound real smart amongst your friends, but they also have the instrumentation to make the most casual of listens great too. Especially ‘Normalization’, with it’s sketchy guitars and ever so slightly ominous basslines. Goddamn.

Wide Awake! Is possibly my new favourite record of 2018. Straight up. It’s got everything you could want from a record: grooves, riffs, off-kilter vibes and most importantly, pretty heavy lyricism. And the title track is possibly the best single of the year too. It’s catchy, it’s heavy, it’s weird, it’s great.

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