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The Penny Antics – NOT(e)WORTHY! | Release of the Week

The Penny Antics are a duo from my ends in Essex and this is their new EP NOT(e)WORTHY! Which I think is pretty awesome for a title. These two like to do things differently in that they prefer to not have an online presence but rather look to keep things DIY and raw, which means Googling their name leads you to a certain episode of Popeye, which honestly isn’t the worst thing.

The desire to keep things raw is certainly clear with their material as evidenced by the recordings of NOT(e)WORTHY! The single ‘Fights’ is a wondrously punchy acoustic-led ballad complete with hard hitting chords and drums that sound like they’re performing right behind you. This is a nice change of pace for the duo and I look forward to hearing more acoustic jams from them in the future.

The other single – ‘Pincushion’ – delivers a more traditional sound with heavily distorted guitars ripping through the airwaves against duo vocals that compete with one another throughout. This is gutsy, ballsy and properly naughty, and I love the slight Disco-tinge to the drums too.

NOT(e)WORTHY! Offers much more of the electric guitar than the acoustic, which means we’re treated to other frantic flurries of sound in the form of the mindbending ‘Headcheese’ and ‘I Don’t Care’, whereas the title track fleshes things out a bit with a bit more of a Desert-Rock vibe. It’s awesome.

This EP is dead good. NOT(e)WORTHY! Has quickly become one of my favourite EPs and I’m glad that The Penny Antics continue to deliver something that’s a little bit more homemade. It certainly helps stand their sound out from the rest and yeah, it’s awesome.

Oh also, here’s a list of the duo’s upcoming gigs:

June 22nd – Bassment, Chelmsford
July 28th – Josh Abbott Gig, Chelmsford
August 25th – Half Moon, Bishop’s Stortford
August 27th – Dagenham Roundhouse Music Festival
August 30th – The Edge, Basildon

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