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MUGZY | An Interview With

GRAB SOME SNACKS, this is a long’un. MUGZY is a rapper from Australia and well, we’ve had a big ol’ chinwag with him! This dude has been on the scene for a little while and has seemingly done a LOT of stuff. Albums, singles, interviews, radio appearances and even, EVEN, TV appearances. That’s awesome. Anyway, support MUGZY by checking out his FB page and again, bring a sleeping bag with you. Enjoy.

Hey Mugzy, how’s it going? Keepin it cool sippin on my coffee man haha and bringing the daily hip hop flavours (5 Elements)

First of all, what’s the story behind how you decided to start making music of your own? As a kid real real young my first encounter with music was that I tried to learn guitar but I gave that up because I wasn’t feeling it (plus the instructor was a jerk haha)

I would say around the age of 10 maybe 11. My brother who is 2yrs younger than me (Shout Out to Jayden) introduced me to Hip Hop music.

When we were kids he had all these Single CD’s (remember the ones that came with the single and the instrumental so you could rap your own version haha they were the days) of Artists such as Eminem, 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes even the likes of Bow Wow haha and they were on loop constantly playing daily through-out the house…BUT obs behind our parents back because of the (Parental Advisory Sticker) because if they found out they would of whoop’d our a$$

So (Fast Forward) I became interested in hip-hop music and the culture of hip-hop when i was 14 so 2005 my early years in High School. Around that time I guess you could say I was a bit of a loner which caused me to get punk’d/bullied a lot. Also my grades were failing and I had no avenue where I would be in life when I finished school, so instead I bought myself an IPod an started listening to artists such as Eminem, 50 Cent, Tupac

Eminem was the one I could related to the most (Even to this day) I know It sounds cliché because I’m a typical whiteboi myself but just the Aggression/Anger in his wordplay/lyrics. It kinda gave me a voice to say I Don’t give a f*** a platform to fight back an take no sh** in this world.

Starting off I would drop down small rhymes in my workbook but I knew if I wanted to progress I would have to write full lyric songs. Also I knew if I wanted to be known or respected by the general hip hop community who loves it as much as I do then I would have to do my homework take a trip back in time where it all started in the 70s of South Bronx and learn bit by bit.

I’ve been in the game for 13 years – done 2 Albums, Radio Play/Magazine Articles WORLDWIDE, Fan base WORLDWIDE, Featured in Multiple Independent Films/TV Commercials. The List goes ON an ON and I haven’t stopped yet. Hip-Hop changed my life completely I’ll rep it till the day I die I love it too much…..Saved my life

You list Eminem as a huge influence as well as the likes of Nas, NWA among other classic artists. Are there any modern artists who influence you too? Can’t forget to mention the GOD Mc “Rakim” aswell 😉

Alot of artists now-a-days seem to be doing this Auto-Voice, Quick Syllable rhyming (Which half the time makes no sense), Plain Beat Futurist GARBAGE. New artists AND old artists (who change their ways just because it’s popular) seem to all be doing it. It’s like this massive pool of trash doing the same thing over and over there is no uniqueness anymore and they’re all fighting for this one spot which is the dream BUT? You all sound the same?

With me I grew up in the generation of hip hop where lyrics & making your music sound TIGHT was everything to the listener and I’ve stuck by that from day 1. I’ve been told from me staying this way it’s made me unique. Like when people see me they instantly know I’m hip hop affiliated and that’s because back then in the 90s/00s character/image was everything too

I guess you can label me an “old kat” but these kids now and their whole persona/imagery “Colorful hair, wearing dresses, sounding like they have a low IQ, being all feminine” GARBAGE. (I haven’t caught the bus like the rest who are following these trends I waited at the bus stop haha)

You’ve released two albums in your career so far, can we expect to hear some new music from you soon? Hopefully at the end of this year going onto Early next year I’ll be recording my 3rd album. I have NO title for it yet, NO track list, haven’t wrote anything because I’ve been super busy with acting, BUT I will tell you this: I have a TONNE of instrumentals ready to write to some original and some are from other people’s work such as Swedish Producer “Yanni”, BUT when I listen to them I know I can make them envision them to be Number 1 Hits because the sounds/beats are off the meter haha

How’s the Hip Hop scene in Australia? In all honesty this is what I’ve experienced on my journey through-out the music industry/hip hop community is that U.S/UK etc etc artists are very humble. They always want to network an connect with each other or whoever has a dream of being a rapper, whether it’s in the United States or here in Australia or wherever it may be, they always want to find ways of making this dream happen for them they are always open to NEW ideas (Whatever you bring to the table they will eat it up) and that’s what I love that’s why I have been given so many opportunities over there.

Here in Australia we have SO MUCH LOVE for the hip hop culture it’s CRAZY. Whether its Rapping, DJing, Graffiti, Beatboxing, Break-Dancing or just general hip hop knowledge we want to eat it up. But in saying that, there is too much criticism here especially with accents, like hip hop heads here say (Rap in ya normal talking voice…don’t do this fake USA accent) most call it a “Wacksent”

Now there is two sides of the coin here. I can understand we want to put our Australian input on the map as natural as possible but I’m gonna be 100% real about this: rapping in ya normal voice has no flow, its bleh/plain (IT DOESNT SELL), to make ya music strike the ears of the listeners it has to be catchy and flow, so putting some USA slang on it doesn’t hurt like, come on?

I’m not saying go turn into an Iggy Azalea because she’s as fake as her plastic surgery; I’m just saying whatever gets put on the table, USE IT. Stop this back-n-forth criticism about who’s real and who’s not. This is WHY we aren’t making a living off our dreams and have to go out to our 9-5’s is because we don’t come together and make something great.

From reading ALL that it looks like I’m the bad guy but that’s what I see in our scene. I don’t turn a blind-eye to it. That’s why I made the track “Aussie With An American Attitude”

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2018? Def my 3rd Album and plenty more after that and just continue doing what I’m doing for my fans.

Finally, if you could close this interview with one final thought, what would it be? First, I want to give a BIG BIG Shout Out/Thankz to you guys at “Sounds Good Music Blog” for being willing to do this interview. It means a lot because the more opportunities I get, the better chance I get my name heard (YA HEARD) haha.

Second,  I want to give MAD LOVE to my 15k & OVER Fans for supporting my journey
it blows my mind daily seeing that number of followers I have so thank you.

Finally, I want to give MAD RESPECT to the Pioneers/Fathers of hip hop who started it off. If it wasn’t for them I don’t know if hip hop hop would even exist today, so thank you guys for giving me something in life…..You guys saved my life.


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