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Baywaves – It’s Been Like EP | Release of the Week

It’s Been Like is the new EP from Baywaves, a band from Madrid who like to drop little bits of Indie Pop into our ears. Since their inception in 2016 they have continued to build a bit of buzz around them, having been included on The Guardian’s One To Watch 2018 list as well other accolades. So that must mean they’re pretty good right? RIGHT.

Opening track ‘Still In Bed’ is a glorious collision of sunshine Pop and slight Spanish influences too. Warm basslines walk amongst the scrappy guitars while snappy drums drop some tight rhythm in the background. Lyrics calling out to the sun make this the perfect summer song, and that guitar solo plus the cascading percussion towards the end makes me NEED a cold shower. It’s a fantastic song and a fantastic way to kick off It’s Been Like.

‘Hoxter’ follows with a series of instruments that seem to crash into one another to form another sunny instrumental that sounds on the brink of destruction, while the sounds of ‘I’m Tryna’ attempt to cover over it with a set of laid back vibes that seem to say “hey, hey, it’s alright, this happens like, all the time”, and you know what? It’s working.

The amazingly titled ‘1954 Egyptian Drama’ closes off the EP with one final flourish of strange guitars and synths to round out what has been a superb listen. It’s Been Like has been a very surprising but excellent EP to dive into, and this might just be one of my favourite EPs of the year.


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