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Good Sounds Playlist | 02.07.2018

It’s July! Happiest of July’s to you all! It’s time for another naughty dose of new music via the ever consistent Good Sounds Playlist. I’ve decided to add a new lick of paint to the Good Sounds image too – so you’ll see a new logo AND a new featured image for it too. Nice.

This week’s lineup is a solid mix of pure Summer goodness and some slightly off-kilter vibes too. I proper like the sounds of Future Love Hangover and Squaring Circles, and the rest are all superb too! Enjoy.

Good Sounds Playlist | 02.07.2018:
Pet Fangs – ‘Bitch, Baby.
Ben Browning – ‘Sunshine Baby
Future Love Hangover – ‘Secret Waters
Ocean Potion – ‘In The Grass
Mike Legere – ‘Yourself
Squaring Circles – ‘Anima
Tula – ‘Bullet
Run Maggie Run – ‘Endlessly
Squid Cult – ‘Baby Blue
Isla Craig – ‘Love Song

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