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KAWALA – D.I.L.Y.D EP | Release of the Week

KAWALA seem to be a band on the rise this year. Having racked up all sorts of major support from the likes of Spotify and numerous radio stations, it seems like now’s the right time to get into them. Especially as they’ve just released their debut EP D.I.L.Y.D, it just makes sense.

These guys like to play a kind of Indie Pop that holds all the summery goodness of Crystal Fighters and mix it with the emotion of such acts as Nothing But Thieves and Foals, altogether creating something that is stacked with hooks and good vibes while also making sure the heartstrings are kept in check too. Opening track ‘Small Death’ is a great example of this, as it’s sombre acoustic guitars pair up with traditionally Indie guitar licks to forge both elements together. It’s soft, heartfelt vocals ache their way amongst the layers and really help introduce things nicely.

The young band’s big hit ‘Do It Like You Do’ is a wonderful tune for the summer. With soaring guitars, effortless grooves and hooks that seem to stick in your mind forever. It’s a very optimistic, uplifting sound and I cannot get enough of it. Similar with ‘Funky’ too, it’s another track that immediately throws a smile on your face.

D.I.L.Y.D. is a superb EP from KAWALA. They seem to be doing everything right to ensure their first year goes swimmingly, and it seems the buzz they’ve built is certainly warranted. It’s got everything you want from an introductory EP, and it’s very easy to be excited by them.


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