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Good Sounds Playlist | 25.07.2018

Hello everyone – welcome to another dose of hot new music, courtesy of the Good Sounds Playlist! There was a little break last week while I was away on holiday, but normalcy can now resume. I’d also like to introduce you to the new Good Sounds Playlist logo as well as the new Sounds Good look too! I won’t dive into the details again, but will link to the post if you fancy having a read about all the changes that have occurred.

Sounds Good Logo 2

Take a read of ‘A New Lick of Paint’ – a blog post detailing Sounds Good’s new look.

Anyway, back on with the Good Sounds Playlist! This week’s playlist is very much designed with Summer in mind. This is currently the fourth consecutive week of sunshine here in the UK and as much as we’re enjoying it, there are some grumbles here and there, and even talk of a hosepipe ban. Gosh.

The artists featured offer a range of sounds from the glorious explosive intro with Broken Bellows, to the hard hitting guitars of Blue River and Arson Daily, to the Indie Rock summer hits from Marsicans and Brand. I cannot forget to mention Moontower too, as their second single ‘Leaving You Behind’ has quickly become one of my favourites.

I’m also looking to offer out some questions and inspire some conversation between writer and reader. What do you think of the Good Sounds Playlists? I’ve noticed that 40 of you are now following it on Spotify now which is superb. Thank you so much. What artists have you been listening to recently? Any I need to feature on a future playlist or even add to my personal library? Let me know.

As always, links to all ten songs will be featured below and most importantly of all, happy listening! Thanks, Adam. Xoxo.

Good Sounds Playlist – 25.07.2018:
Broken Bellows – ‘Somebody Knew
Moontower – ‘Leaving You Behind
Blue River – ‘How Do You Sleep
Stats – ‘I Am An Animal
Julietta – ‘Hard Love
Brand – ‘Survival Secrets
Marsicans – ‘Pop-Ups (Sunny at the Weekend)
The Hails – ‘Younger
Arson Daily – ‘Los Muertos
Far Caspian – ‘Let’s Go Outside

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