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Two Meters – Two Meters | EP Review

Two Meters is the self-titled debut EP from…Two Meters. It’s a bedroom project, which we’ve featured only a handful of times on Sounds Good before. Of course, when it’s done right, like this EP and the wonderful person known as Howlie shows, a bedroom project can be one of the most intimate releases around. Others, such as my failed “it’s not wee, it’s water” mixtape, not so much.

Lead single ‘Left Behind’ is all the proof needed to cement the statement of bedroom projects being intimate. Two Meters opens up with a brutally honest account of Tyler discovering his late Mother in her bedroom, and does so in a way that immediately puts the listener in that moment. It’s a terrible situation to experience and Tyler’s lyricism details it in such a to-the-point way, and dives into the aftermath of it too. The instrumental is kept minimal to allow the words to truly reveal their strength, but does bloom into a swelling display of synthesisers and fuzzy guitars to solidify the impact of this experience. It’s a gut-wrenching listen but one that has been crafted perfectly by Tyler.

‘Captive Audience’ continues this minimised sound as subtle acoustic guitars strum in the background against Tyler’s wandering vocals and occasional plinks of keys. It does a great job of ramping up the tension before falling into an almost complete silence, before ‘Current Sequel’ arrives and lays down a thunderous amount of lo-fi noise.

Two Meters is a wonderful EP. It isn’t intended to be a listen designed with tons of hooks or melodies, but it still does a great job at capturing all of the emotions Tyler felt in each of the songs featured. It’s an EP that almost invites you to experience the emotions alongside Tyler, and certainly helps it stand out as one of most intimate, original EPs of this year.


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