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Josey Marina – ‘Queen of the Coloured Clouds’ | Song of the Week

Josey Marina is a singer-songwriter from Stockport and this is her new single ‘Queen of the Coloured Clouds’. Talk about an interesting title to grab your attention, right? This is the first taste of new music from Josey since her debut EP Violet Desires back in 2016 and well, it’s certainly got me intrigued.

‘Queen of the Coloured Clouds’ is a wonderfully crafted track. It’s instrumental boasts a heavily layered sound, from the rolling texture of drums to the soaring synthesisers, it provides a gorgeous soundscape for Josey to allow her vocals to float on top. The lyrics revel in detailing same-sex love and lust, in which the sexual freedom that exhumes from it really adds a sense of empowerment to the track. It’s awesome, and the way that these lines are spilled into the mix against summery guitars and synths really makes this an excellent listen throughout.

This is superb, basically. Josey Marina has explored numerous avenues and found home in a sound that’s sonically very engaging and entertaining throughout. ‘Queen of the Coloured Clouds’ is one of the most original singles I’ve heard all year, and I cannot get enough of it. Excellent stuff.


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