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Tanners – ‘This Crazy’ | Song of the Week

‘This Crazy’ is the latest single from Tanners, a lady who’s also just released her self-titled debut EP this week. She has caused quite the stir with a string of solid singles so far, and looks set to tip it over into next level hype fever with this new banger.

Tanners’ previous singles showcased a sound that didn’t wish to reach for the crowd, but rather deliver something that’s a little more subdued, a little more prepared. It’s a blend of Indie Pop and Electronica that doesn’t tick the traditional boxes, and it makes for refreshed listening. ‘This Crazy’ offers more of this subtle sound – as synths seem to swirl amongst the layers, delivering steady beats that are bolstered heavily by a bass guitar that’s VERY confident in it’s ability, performing grooves that meander just as effortlessly as the synths. Tanners’ vocals offer up some heartfelt lyrics in amongst this star-gazed soundscape, and I love the way the image of running from the police is met with a hurried response from the instrumental.

Simply put, I really like ‘This Crazy’. It’s a song that not only revels in its ability to send grooves, hooks and melodies to the airwaves but also shows off a certain assurance that doesn’t often come from artists who are doing this for the first time. Tanners is a very promising young artist, and you can certainly call me a fan.


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