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The Dead Zones – ‘Vacant Minds’ | Single Review

The Dead Zones are a trio from Vancouver and this is their new single ‘Vacant Minds’. This is the first taste of music to come from their upcoming The Dead Zones II EP and well, it’s really rather good. Anyone who says they’re a fan of Queens of the Stone Age is basically my best friend by default, and anyone who sounds like Queens of the Stone Age well, I’m fully prepared to give them my body.

Coming in strong with a guitar riff that cuts through the ears and leaves you feeling either trapped or mildly annoyed, ‘Vacant Minds’ soon blooms into a wondrous display of Garage Rock. The guitars are distorted, the basslines are chunky and there’s an element of everything falling apart which really appeals to me.

‘Vacant Minds’ is a frenzied delivery of passion and everything about it aims straight for the skull, and I dig that.

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