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Tanners – Tanners | Release of the Week

Last week I discovered ‘This Crazy’, the new single from Brooklyn’s Tanners. Basically, I fell in love and immediately got to listening to her new EP Tanners. Over the last seven days I reckon I’ve listened to it about a billion times, so it makes sense for it to be the Release of the Week this week.

What I loved most about ‘This Crazy’ was the way it blended elements together to create something that not only had immediate appeal but also had some depth to it. The floaty vocals from Tanners delivered hooks right away, but it was the layers of synthesiser and bass that really helped create an instrumental that really done it for me. Fortunately Tanners uses this approach for the remaining material on Tanners, and the result is that it is superb.

‘Holy Water’ opens up the EP with an angelic dose of bright synths and bubbly vocals, while guitars and drums added some needed texture to it. The chorus is a glorious explosion of 80’s-era sound, immediately filling the room with a disco ball’s worth of shimmering lights. ‘Empress in Reverse’ offers up a similar result, but allows the basslines to take centre stage with a myriad of warm grooves displayed throughout.

Tanners is a fantastic EP. Tanners has introduced herself to the world in a big way with this debut, and I cannot get enough of it. The songs featured are brilliantly crafted, and much like the big finale on ‘What You’ve Been Waiting For’, it’s certainly left a lasting impression on me.


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