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Good Sounds Playlist | 2nd Birthday Special

Hello everybody! Welcome to a very special edition of the Good Sounds Playlist! As you might have seen, it’s Sounds Good’s 2nd birthday today! Ahhh, wooo, yay, various other sounds!!! So I thought it’d be a good idea to get the playlist involved because who wants to not be included in birthday celebrations? NOBODY.

This playlist is celebrating Sounds Good’s birthday by being fucking massive, basically. It’s over two hours long, but filled to the brim with good music and good vibes. Below you will see the complete list, and see that it’s a nice mix of artists who have been featured on the blog over the last year, some bangers from some of my favourite bands at the moment, and new songs from new artists who you should be familiar with by now. This is going to be an absolute slog to embed, but it’ll be worth it!

The Good Sounds Playlist is nearly a year old and has blossomed into a consistent staple of vital Monday Morning Medicine. Thank you to all of you who have followed the playlist in recent times, and for all of the artists who share the heck out of it every single week. It’s very wholesome, and something I wish will continue for a long, long time. Anyway, I have you enjoy! And because it is proper massive, the playlist will be running for two weeks rather than one, just so you can properly get stuck in with it. Much love!!! Adam Xoxox.

See the rest of the Good Sounds Playlist lineups via the Good Sounds Playlist page.

Good Sounds Playlist | 2nd Birthday Special Lineup consists of:

Twin Ritual – ‘Is It Paranoia
Foundlings – ‘Horizon’

V A L E – ‘Fire
UNBLOOM – ‘I Followed
Guillotine Sunbeam – ‘Bars Beneath Your Skin
Kero Kero Bonito – ‘Trampoline’

Isaac Gracie – ‘Terrified
Sleep Radio – ‘Hate is an Attractive Force
Seramic – ‘Strange Magic
EXNATIONS – ‘Never About the Money
Slaves – ‘Photo Opportunity’

Katmaz – ‘Tremolo Love (Sex)’

Dish Pit – ‘Trash Queen
Them Crooked Vultures – ‘Elephants’

Team Picture – ‘(I Want Your) Life Hack
Pool Surfers – ‘Promiscuous Mortality’

King Dream –‘Money + Power’

Lauren Strange – ‘Shake
Parquet Courts – ‘Total Football
Oh800 – ‘I Want You Around
Indiana – ‘Paper Cut’

Confidence Man – ‘Try Your Luck’

Patawawa – ‘Patagonia
Van Bobbi – ‘Kickdrum Heartbeat’

Fresh – ‘Nighttime’

LENN – ‘Cheap Talk’ (HANNIE Remix)
Foxgluvv – ‘Not Cute
Banzai Cliff – ‘Danielle
Olivia Morreale – ‘Out Here’

Arctic Monkeys – ‘Four Out of Five
The Hives – ‘Main Offender’

Damn the Witch Siren – ‘Fuck Me (Like We’re In Love)
Everything Everything – ‘Warm Healer’

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