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Massive List of Wonderful People | Blogs & Labels!

As mentioned in the inaugural 2nd Birthday post, I wanted to do more than simply celebrate Sounds Good. As much as I love my baby, none of all the things that it’s been able to do wouldn’t be possible without a whole bunch of people. So it’s with great pleasure that I introduce the Massive List of Wonderful People, Blogs & Labels! Seriously, if it wasn’t for all of you lot getting in touch or inspiring me to continue writing then there would be no 2nd birthday. So thank you.

In my time of writing, I have never come across such a great bunch of people who are not only passionate about music but also so good at writing about it. I’ve been blogging on and off since I was 18 and it’s only within the last two years that I’ve felt part of a community thanks to these people. There are loads of music blogs, but these are a select few who really tickle my fancy, and make some entertaining reading on Twitter. Love you broad beans.

House in the Sand
Eclectic Music Lover
Carpe Carmina
Peanut Mixtape
Lemonade Magazine
The Music Mermaid
The Music Blog 42
Full Volume Blogs
Mytacism Music (RIP, please resurrect it Emily goddamnit)

Now without artists, Sounds Good wouldn’t exist. Artists are the fuel of the music blog, and while there have been a lot digested over the last two years, the below are those who have made an impact in my life personally. Whether it’s by becoming buds with them, or by simply shaping my music taste, these guys are the ones who have become staples when I think about big moments in this little blog’s life. So thank you.

Mouse Sucks
Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt
Fox Medicine
The Lunar Year
St. Buryan
Twin Ritual
The Modern Strangers
Guillotine Sunbeam
Holly Rees
The Penny Antics
Lauren Strange
Two Meters

Again, if it wasn’t for these guys sending submissions then this blog wouldn’t exist, or would have most probably devolved into a Queens of the Stone Age fanblog. Over the years I’ve come across numerous people and labels who send music but don’t add a bit of personality to their emails, whereas all of the below do. Whether it’s by simply saying my name in emails, or having the oddest, best conversations with them, these guys would make trawling through an inbox the most fun thing ever. So thank you.

Crysta at Jasper PR
Mikel at Purple Bite
Isobel at Whiteboard PR
Rishi at The Undscvrd
Sofie at Biblioteka Records
Everyone at Auteur Research
Everyone at Best In Show
Hazy Dog Records
My Little Empire
Clue Records
Inner Ear Records




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