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Exnations – Tiny Sound in the Dark | EP Review

Exnations have become one of my favourite bands in recent times. The trio from all over the USA continue to impress with music that strives to heal from the inside out, starting right at home. This is made even more impressive by the fact due to how spread out each of the three band members are, they are rarely in the same room when it comes to recording. Their debut EP Tiny Sound in the Dark is the result of this broken up recording sessions, but considering how cohesive it sounds, you would not have a clue.

We’ve featured ‘Never About the Money’ and ‘Can’t Get Hurt’ before, and they kick off the EP in the big way. Both songs bring a huge amount of noise to the forefront, and certainly have the atmosphere to be deemed bigger than a tiny sound in the dark, especially as the lyricism featured in both project a mighty combination of dealing with fears and striving to overcome them as well.

‘Wore All Black’ marks the halfway point of the EP with a sweet ballad depicting all the feelings that come with being in love. The chorus hook features some of the loveliest words I’ve heard in the while, and the track does a great job of restoring some calmness to the EP without removing any of the momentum garnered by the previous two tracks.

Tiny Sound in the Dark is a glorious EP from Exnations. All songs featured are a refreshing mix of straight up dance numbers with a little bit of depth to them, and the result is a listen that energises without being too heavy on the topics. It’s good stuff. I love these guys.


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