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Childcare dive into the strange with new EP | Luckyucker

Luckyucker is the new EP from Childcare, a quartet from London who are producing some rather original sounds. I really liked their single ‘Magazines’ and my ears seemed to like it even more, as it’s all I’ve been listening to lately. Also, is the EP pronounced luck-yucker or lucky-ucker? Who knows, but it does make for a great way to kill three hours.

The reason why I state that Childcare are producing original sounds is simple really. Opening track ‘Put Down Your Pen’ kicks off the EP with an intro that seems to be legitimately melting into the speakers, giving off a strange vibe of “is this working right?” and “I think I can dance to this?”. It’s ominous drums seem to beat endlessly into the shadows, while the guitars seem to creep ever so slightly towards a semblance of something groovy. The vocals and harmonies make no reference to this haunting instrumental, but it all comes together. The guitars get loud, the drums pummel a little urgently and it makes sense now. What began as an off-kilter, disjointed sound as bloomed into a sound that’s still off the straight and narrow but filled with so much groove that it makes this confusion seem totally worth it.

‘Big Man’ follows a similar path but has a certain roughness to it thanks in part to the guitars, which seem to switch effortlessly between delivering sweet melodies and some wretched, pained chords throughout. The harmonies seem to meander amongst the layers and settle for rotating forever around the mind. It’s odd, but awesome.

Childcare could rival Everything Everything when it comes to creating something that strays away from the norm. Luckyucker is an excellent EP, and one that revels in it’s ability to let a little strange out. It’s groovy and haunting all at once, and I’m not sure I will ever understand it’s motives, but I’m perfectly fine with that.


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