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Mini Mansions hit some ominous grooves with new EP | Works Every Time

Mini Mansions have become one of my favourite bands in recent times, and it seems everybody’s beginning to cotton on too. With one third of the trio delivering tasty basslines for Queens of the Stone Age and another touring and contributing spacey synth sounds for Arctic Monkeys, it seems these three individuals are really rather talented and their new EP Works Every Time is a short but sweet reminder of that.

Starting way back in 2010, their debut Mini Mansions introduced the world to a sound that was mysterious to touch but filled with swing beneath, kinda like Dracula in his favourite sparkly pants. This sound was honed to perfection in 2015 with follow up The Great Pretenders, one of my personal favourite records to date. Three years have since passed, and how are Mini Mansions faring now? Well, Works Every Time does exactly that. It’s got everything you could ever need.

The title track kicks things off with a mysteriously sweet, love-struck sound complete with sumptuous keys and basslines that strut across the floor. The groove is simple and casts a thin air of confidence among the airwaves, allowing Mini Mansions to lay down some heartfelt lyricism throughout. Illustrations of space and time circumvent direct intentions of being in love, and the combination is something that’s mesmerising, basically.

‘Midnight In Tokyo’ follows suit with a bassline that absolutely struts its way into the hips, whilst distorted vocals from Michael Shuman and soulful falsetto from Zach Dawes add an ominous touch to the mix. This track is filled to the brim with grooves, and would not be out of place becoming the coolest dude on the dancefloor. ‘This Bullet’ comes along with a pace so frantic that it leaves me in a cold sweat, and I love every second of it.

Works Every Time is a fantastic EP from Mini Mansions. With word of a new album in the works, I am proper excited to hear more of this sound that’s somehow continued to progress and impress over the years. From the get go this EP lays down hit after hit, and closes with a cover of Edwyn Collins’ ‘A Girl Like You’ which absolutely tears the the house down. It’s great, Mini Mansions are great and you’ll be great if you give this a listen.

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