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Foxgluvv aims for the heart with new single | ‘Fries’

Foxgluvv has become a bit of a staple of Sounds Good over the last year. Having been wowed by her previous single ‘Not Cute’, we’ve formed a bit of a beautiful relationship with Imogen. I’m eternally grateful for her contribution to our 2nd Birthday Special back in August, and am also glad she continues to release music that makes my ears happy. This time around it’s new single ‘Fries’, a single that lets you know that even in the midst of a breakup, everything will be alright.

With an instrumentation that’s unapologetically 80’s, ‘Fries’ is a single that cuts a strong contrast. It’s narrative is all about the realisation and eventual breaking up of a relationship that’s beginning to dwindle, and as has become a bit of a trait in all Foxgluvv songs, offers up lyrics that could easily be captured in conversation. It’s got a level of relatability that’s offered up in such a deadpan delivery, I dig it. This heaviness is paired wonderfully with synthesisers that try desperately to put an upbeat swing to things, succeeding in colliding two extremes together. ‘Fries’, much like the food, is great.

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