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Pom Poko tear into the airwaves with new single | ‘Follow the Lights’

Everyone say hello to Pom Poko. Having signed with Bella Union and set to release their debut album early next year, this quartet from Norway are pretty much set to do some pretty big things. Their Bella Union debut comes in the form of ‘Follow the Lights’, a new single that definitely makes you wanna say hello to Pom Poko. Hello Pom Poko!

‘Follow the Lights’ is a perplexing mix of gritty guitars and Poppy hooks that make me want to either headbang softly or tap my foot aggressively. The rough-edged riffs are dazzled with hints of cowbell and melodies that add their own blend of groove to the airwaves, whilst the vocals conjure up some rather unique harmonies that flit to and fro between sounding stable and…not so stable.

Pom Poko have got themselves a new fan in myself. ‘Follow the Lights’ is a track that confuses initially but succeeds at being one of the biggest earworms around right now. I love the blend of pure Pop and the instability of the instrumentation, and cannot wait to hear what else these guys have to offer in the near future.

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