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TS Bright dazzle the ears with new single | ‘The Same Job’

TS Bright are back! They dazzled the ears with the release of their second single ‘Come Back Soon’ which we had the pleasure of premiering way back in August, and now they are again with ‘The Same Job’.

What I loved about ‘Come Back Soon’ was it’s bright instrumental, and that definitely carries over on this new single. ‘The Same Job’ features an upbeat guitar riff that’s determined to throw some sunshine into the airwaves, whilst other flittingly sunny melodies float amongst the atmosphere. The groove is simple, but effective in making it’s way into the mind whilst the vocals lead the way with a wonderfully pained performance.

This duo are quickly becoming one of my favourite acts at the moment. ‘The Same Job’ is a track that revels in it’s hooks but comes with it a solid level of depth too, making it one of the more enjoyable listens of the year. Nice work.

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