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Guillotine Sunbeam shines with the closing track to new EP Fever Dream | ‘Future Fading’ *PREMIERE*

Guillotine Sunbeam is the project of Yoni Collier and outside of contributing wonderful birthday songs to our 2nd birthday, he’s also about to drop a new EP on Friday! We featured ‘Bars Beneath Your Skin’ back in March and now we’re very happy to premiere ‘Future Fading’, one of the gorgeous tracks to come from the upcoming Fever Dream EP.

While it doesn’t aim for the heights of ‘Bars Beneath Your Skin’, ‘Future Fading’ offers more of an intimate sound instead that resonates just as hard. Yoni is a genius when it comes to creating layers to his music and ‘Future Fading’ is no exception. A primary Piano-led instrumental is boosted with occasional waves of shimmering synths amongst ambient noise that seems to add more of a subdued, personal feel to the track. Yoni’s vocals take centre stage, often doubling up to project lyricism of things coming to an end, crooned in a register that seems to slip effortlessly into the fluid music.

‘Future Fading’ is a gorgeously crafted song from Guillotine Sunbeam. It’s a track that seems to have been formed effortlessly and flows wonderfully into the ears, and certainly lays an impression on the listener. I’m very proud to premiere this track and am very excited to check out the rest of Fever Dream too.

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