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“A lot of new music is trying to be really cool. I am just trying to express myself.” | An Interview With Nica

Last month we featured one of the most heartwrenching albums of the year in Bruised, the debut album from Nica. The singer-songwriter who took experiences and emotions from a not so nice time of her life and recreated them in a studio that birthed one of the most honest, intimate and raw records I’ve heard in a long, long time. I’m so happy to bring Nica back for an interview, in which we discuss what it was like to revisit some of the moments of her previous years that helped produce some of the material heard on Bruised. Enjoy.

Hey Nica, how’s it going? Hi Adam! It’s honestly been pretty crazy lately.

First of all, what got you into making music? I have been in love with singing my entire life. After a decade of feeling pressured to study classical piano, I started songwriting which lead to recording my own music. There’s a million melodies and lyrics in my mind. If I don’t get them out, it feels like my brain might explode. Songwriting is mostly for my mental health.

What was the reasoning behind relocating to New York City? I actually don’t live in NYC. I’m a little over an hour north of Manhattan, tucked away in the woods of New York. I relocated from Tucson, Arizona to study Studio Composition at the Conservatory of Music at SUNY Purchase. After graduating college I almost moved to Brooklyn, but it didn’t work out. I love the city but it’s so lovely living somewhere surrounded by nature.

You’ve very recently released your debut album Bruised, what was it like to get that first record out the way? Bruised was a monster of a project and a huge relief to release. Seeing the record on iTunes and Spotify makes me feel pretty cool. I love that my original songs are available for the world to hear. I am proud of all the work Jake Fineman, my partner in crime, and I did for the album. We are working on a lot of new projects for Punch Bug Records.

What can you tell us about the record? Bruised is dynamic, emotional, and romantic. A lot of new music is trying to be really cool. I am just trying to express myself. Some heavy events took place and the bruises on my heart took a while to heal.

It’s quite a heavy listen throughout, with all sorts of experiences and emotions featured from your own life. Was it always intended to be a record that looks so deeply into your personal life? I suppose. It was written during a dark time. It took me a while to process the compositions. Writing Bruised helped me recover. Recording it was liberating.

What was it like recreating said emotions in the recording sessions? …I cried a lot during those sessions…

Can we expect to see anything else come from you this year? Plans for the rest of 2018? I’ve been writing and recording a lot of new material. Bruised felt like a lifetime to create. I am releasing a new song very soon. 😉

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final thought, what would it be? I truly love and appreciate being featured here at Sounds Good. Thank you for taking the time to chat, Adam.

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