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The Pale White tears through the airwaves with new EP | Take Me to the Strange

The Pale White very recently blew me away with the single ‘End of Time’ and look set to do the same with brand new EP, Take Me to the Strange. This is confirmed by the swaggering intro of ‘Wisdom Tooth’, belting out a guitar riff that’s ballsy and bluesy all at once, becoming equal parts danceable and heavy. This is led by frontman Adam Hope’s vocals, which croon out a chorus that is undeniably infectious.

‘Trapped Nerve’ follows with another behemoth of a riff which could make Royal Blood blush and appeals immediately to the QOTSA fan in me. It’s got a loose nature which syncs up nicely with the vocals and the pummelling drums, and also features a guitar solo that tears through the mix so satisfyingly.  ‘Panic Attack’ is a frantic display of fire as instruments collide together to create something that would not sound out of place on a Vaccines record, and there’s something proper menacing about the skulking pace of ‘The Future is Mine’.

Take Me to the Strange is a superb EP from The Pale White. It’s a record that gives guitar-based music a real refreshing vibe that only now seems to be making a comeback in recent times. It’s a highly entertaining dose of haymakers to the face from The Pale White, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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