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“I think it’s important to not get lost in friendships or relationships”| An Interview With L. Norton

Last week we featured ‘Won’t Stop’, the debut single from L Norton. It was a glorious dive into pure electronic goodness and offered up an abundance of hooks to really get stuck into. I really loved it, and was so pleased to have Libbie featured once again – this time in interview form! Thank you to Libbie for doing this, and don’t forget to show her some love via Facebook and Instagram.

Hey L. Norton, how’s it going? I’m pretty good, just ate a great breakfast so all is good & chill! How are you?!

First of all, what got you into music? I’ve always been around music from a young age! My family are huge music fans… so kinda didn’t have a choice haha! My dad would send me and my brothers to sleep at night playing whatever records or CD he’d brought back home that day. I’m pretty sure The Eagles got played more than once though haha!

You’ve just released your debut single ‘Won’t Stop’. What can you tell us about it? I’m pretty new to the whole music game! I only really started writing a few months back! But yeah ‘Won’t Stop’, first single – still sounds weird to me!  I basically wrote the track to express a sentiment of ‘doing it your way’ I think it’s important to not get lost in friendships or relationships & still stand strong for what you believe in! 

How’d it feel to get that first release out the way? Yeah it feels great I’ve actually done it! Towards the beginning of the year I had no idea I’d even be able to do it & now I have, so it feel like a huge success for me, I’m proud! 

Making music was a new year’s resolution for yourself. How did you come to making that your resolution? Yeah it did all stem from a New Year’s resolution haha! I was working in London at the time & don’t get me wrong I had a cool job working for a design company & they were great! But I just felt like I hadn’t tried all the things out I wanted to! I’d always loved singing & been obsessed with music. So felt if I didn’t try it now I’d be doing myself a kind of disservice! It was scary change BUT I’m so thankful I did it!

Can we expect to hear more from you soon? You can! I’m working with a great producer at the min! I’m working on defining my sound & musical direction – so can’t wait for you to hear it! 

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final thought, what would it be? I’ve learnt so much from putting this first single out! And as cringe as it sounds – change isn’t as scary as you think! If you wanna try something to do! It always works out it in the end!

& thank you so much for your time Adam, hopefully catch up soon! 




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