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Lost Cousins leaves us wanting more with new single | ‘Trails’

‘Trails’ is the new single from Toronto’s Lost Cousins. Such as the life of a music blogger, I missed the opportunity to rave about their previous single ‘Stay’ but I made sure not to miss the chance to tell you about how good this new tune is. The band are set to release their new album In Scenery on February 1st, so it’s time to mark your calendars.

This new single is a beautifully put together little number. It’s instrumentation features crisp production that allows each and every detail to be heard perfectly. From the sombre piano, to the slight distortion on the vocal, it’s intro immediately pours emotion into the airwaves before blossoming with piano riffs that seemingly drift into the atmosphere with ease. Lost Cousins flood ‘Trails’ with all sorts of harmonies, melodies and little guitar and drum diddies in a way that sounds organic and does not disrupt the rhythm at all. It’s beautiful, and the little appearance of saxophone in the mix just tops it off for me.

Lost Cousins are certainly going to be an act that needs to be followed. ‘Trails’ is a glorious indication of that, as it’s easily one of the most wonderfully crafted songs I’ve heard this year. It’s so good. So good.

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