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Holly Rees tears apart the heartstrings with new single | ‘Stick Around’

Fresh off the release of her second EP Slow Down back in August comes ‘Stick Around’, the new single from Newcastle’s Holly Rees. She floored me with the sounds of Slow Down as it was an open-hearted, honest collection of songs that revealed a lot and left little untouched, and basically made me a wreck. Not gonna lie, I was apprehensive to check out ‘Stick Around’. I was not prepared to cry today.

Complete with a simple woman and her guitar formula, ‘Stick Around’ combines stark acoustic chords strummed into the air against Holly’s vocals, which really lead the way. There’re little hints of melody thrown in amongst the chords which bolsters the instrumentation just enough to not envelope the lyricism too much, and the result is something that’s heartfelt and determined to tug at the strings once again. The reach towards the higher octave towards the end of the song really comes off nicely, and it’s just, yeah…I need a second. It’s lovely.

‘Stick Around’ is out tomorrow December 1st and comes alongside a live recording of ‘Back Of My Hand’ as a cheeky little B-side. On the 7th Holly will be performing at the Think Tank? Underground for her biggest show to date with a full band for the first time too. I really wish I was there. It’ll be dead good.

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