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The Lunar Year shine with new single | ‘Primal Sentiment’

Back in February of last year, The Lunar Year burst onto the scene with ‘Porcelain’, arguably one of the purest singles I’d heard all year. It was brought to the ears thanks a Youtube family whom I used to watch but fell out of that after they had moved to Bath and suddenly become proper sell outs (Fellow and Former Michalak-ians, am I right?) The Lunar Year return with new single ‘Primal Sentiment’, the first of new music to explain what could be heard on their upcoming To Find a Heart, the new album to follow up their sterling debut Herodias. Spoiler alert, I was not prepared to cry today.

As to be expected, The Lunar Year use their talents to produce a sound that immediately sinks into the heartstrings. Their expert use of minimalism shines as ‘Primal Sentiment’ kicks off with acoustic chords finger-picked against the softest arrival of bass tones and an even softer set of drums, adding the faintest of texture in the background. Frontwoman Katie Burke’s vocals lay down some heartfelt lyricism throughout, and add a breathiness to it that really helps the track maintain it’s light and airy feeling.

‘Primal Sentiment’ is another gorgeously crafted song from The Lunar Year. I love the way the instrumentation changes ever so slightly to reach the highs and lows of the vocals, allowing it to give off a sense of breathe that helps it come alive in the airwaves. The Lunar Year can seemingly do no wrong it seems.

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